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Shetland Museum and Archives

Böd of Gremista
A typical 18th century booth (böd), birthplace of Arthur Anderson, co-founder of what is now P & O Ferries

Hillswick & Eshaness
A guide to the area by H.E.A.R.D. the Hillswick, Eshaness Area Regeneration and Development Association

Fetlar Interpretive Centre
We are a small, dynamic, community-run museum on the remote island of Fetlar in Shetland.

Quendale Water Mill
A working water mill operated by the South Mainland Community History Group.

See Shetland Tours
Guided Shetland tours with Sarah McBurnie.

Shetland Crofthouse Museum
The house is a typical thatched crofthouse of the 19th century.

Shetland Museum
The new Shetland Museum and Archives is the starting point for anyone who wants to know more about our Heritage and Culture.

The Unst Bus Shelter
Maybe the most luxuriously appointed bus shelter in the country.

In any emergency dial 999

Aith Lifeboat

Highlands & Islands Fire & Rescue Service
Highlands and Islands Fire and Rescue Service is tasked with providing a service to one sixth the landmass of the United Kingdom - an area the size of Belgium.

Lerwick Lifeboat
Lerwick RNLI lifeboat web site.

Scottish Air Ambulance Service
Information on the the Scottish Air Ambulance Service.

Scottish Ambulance Service
Shetland forms part of the North East Division of the Scottish Ambulance Service which has its headquarters in Aberdeen.

Shetland Air Ambulance
Shetland is normally served by three aircraft operated by the Scottish Ambulance Service Air-Wing. They have two helicopters and four fixed wing resources at their disposal.

Northern Constabulary
Shetland Area Command is the most northerly Command Area in Northern Constabulary.

Shetland Coastguard


Inter-Island Air Services
Provided by Shetland Islands Council and operated under contract by Directflight Limited with services between Lerwick (Tingwall Airport) and Fair Isle, Foula, Out Skerries and Papa Stour.

Inter Island Ferry Service
Shetland Islands Council operate a fleet of 12 ferries providing services between mainland Shetland and the islands. The services run from 14 terminals serving 8 islands.

John Leask & Son
John Leask & Son, is Shetland's largest travel agency, and also operate operate a modern fleet of mini buses, buses and coaches.

Loganair's franchise partnership with British Airways operates year round flights between Shetland (Sumburgh) and Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness, Glasgow and Orkney.

NorthLink Ferries
Nightly sailings from Aberdeen to Lerwick in Shetland - with four of these sailings going via Orkney.

ZetTrans - Shetland's Transport Partnership
A one-stop resource for useful information on all your travel needs including ferry services, bus services, air services, walking, cycling and service disruptions.


BBC Weather
Foula buoy observations.

BBC Weather
Inshore waters forecast.

BBC Weather
Shipping forecast.

BBC Weather
Tide tables.

Fair Isle weather station

Met Office , Lerwick Forecast

Northern Isles Weather Forecast
10-Day weather outlook for Shetland, Orkney and Caithness

On-line weather station at Brae

Roads weather stations
Remote weather stations operated by the councils roads dept. at Gulberwick, Toft, Sandness, Sumburgh, Unst and Yell.

Scatsta airport weather - EGPM

Sumburgh airport weather - EGPB

The Weather!
Shetland - Natural, Beautiful, Friendly & Unique


Braewick, Eshaness
Changing views including The Drongs.

Fair Isle


Lerwick Boating Club
View of Lerwick Harbour.

Lerwick Harbour
Changing views of the harbour, Victoia Pier and Bressay.

Lerwick Market Cross and Esplanade

Lunna House, Vidlin

Mareel Live
Follow the construction of the new music and cinema venue, Mareel, at Hay's Dock.

Pool of Virkie
Looking due south over the Pool of Virkie towards Sumburgh Head and Compass Head.

Scalloway Harbour

Shetland Museum and Archives
View from the museum veranda overlooking Hay's Dock.

Shurton Hill
Located on a hill between Lerwick and Glberwick.

Sumburgh Airport
Changing views of the airport from the control tower.

Sumburgh Head
Views from the Sumburgh Head lighthouse.

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